The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) has upgraded their online services, but the new system will require all users, including returning users, to complete a one-time registration profile with your email address as your online ID.

Step by step Instructions: 

Step 1. Establish an online account.

  • Insert the following link into your browser: https://www.myfloridalicense.com/datamart/mainMenuFLDBPR.do
  • Select Create My Account located in the lower left-hand corner to begin the one-time registration process.
  • On the User Registration page, complete the Account Owner Contact information. The e-mail address
    provided will be your User ID and will be needed to login to DBPR’s online services, so don’t forget which e-mail address you use.
  • Verify the information on the Preview Registration page. If it is correct, select SAVE. If any changes are
    needed select EDIT to correct.
  • After saving your information, you will reach a page that states User Registration – Temporary Password Issued. A temporary password will be sent to you via the e-mail address you entered. If you do not receive an e-mail in a short amount of time, be sure to check your span or junk e-mail folder.
    When you receive your temporary password, return to the link above and enter your e-mail address and the temporary password provided.
  • Select LOG ON.
  • Now you will reach a page that states Create Password. Enter the temporary password provided in the
    TEMPORARY PASSWORD field. Enter your new, unique password in the NEW PASSWORD and
    CONFIRM PASSWORD fields. Select SAVE.
  • You have now successfully created an online account.

Step 2. Link your license(s) with your online account.

  • From the Main Menu, select LINK AN EXISTING LICENSE TO MY ACCOUNT.
  • On the Link an Existing License to My Account page, select REAL ESTATE COMMISSION from the
    category of licenses in the drop down list. Select NEXT.
  • On the Link an Existing License to My Account-Select License page, select the license type from the drop down menu and enter the corresponding license number (numeric characters only).
  • Select NEXT.
  • On the Link an Existing License to My Account-Security Measures page, enter your Initial Activation Code. (This may be the last four digits of your Social Security number or Federal Employer Identification Number.)
  • Enter the Security Check code given.
  • Select NEXT.
  • On the Link an Existing License to My Account-Preview page, check the license number listed. If correct, select ADD.
  • You have now reached the Link an Existing License to My Account-Confirmation page…Congratulations, you have successfully linked your license! Select NEXT to continue.

You will now be back at the Main Menu. This license has now been linked under Licenses Linked to My
Online Services Account. You can now select this license to renew/maintain online activities. Follow the
same steps to link additional licenses if necessary.

Returning Users
Insert the above link into your browser and go to LOG IN TO ONLINE
PROFILE. Enter your e-mail address and password to access your account.

View/Print: DBPR Online Services Set Up Guide